Who We Are

Enriching the quality of life of those living in Northeast Ohio

The Andrews Foundation, created by Mabel Shields Andrews in 1951, is a private family foundation, based in Northeast Ohio. The foresight of Mrs. Andrews, in allowing a range of flexibility in grant-making, has enabled the Andrews Foundation to thrive into the 21st Century.  

Our Mission

Supporting our community through grant-making, to advance & enrich the quality of life of those living in Northeast Ohio. We are guided by the ever-changing needs of our community, allowing our grant 'investments' to have maximum impact.

Summary Of Grants 2023

The Andrews Foundation's founder, Mrs. Mabel Shields Andrews, allowed for and encouraged, the Trustees to seek out a wide range of community 'investment' opportunities. This flexibility allows the Board to regularly change areas of interest & grant-making concentration. In 2023, The Andrews Foundation focused on the Elder Care, Healthcare, Social Services, Sustainability and Youth Services.

Elder Care




Social Services




Youth Services


Community Partners

Grant Recipient

Canopy is an accredited child advocacy center with a mission to serve children and families affected by child abuse through a multidisciplinary partnership focused on safety, healing, and wellbeing. Services provided include forensic interviews, medical and mental health services, victim advocacy, and case coordination with an array of community partners.