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The Andrews Foundation's founder, Mrs. Mabel Shields Andrews, allowed for and encouraged, the Trustees to seek out a wide range of community 'investment' opportunities.


This flexibility allows the Board to regularly change areas of interest & grant-making concentration. 


In 2018, the Andrews Foundation focused on the Animal Welfare, Education, Enviornmental, Healthcare and Social Services sectors, with a focus on the Enviornment & Healthcare, as we think these issues deserve time, focus & investment

2018 Grants

Cleveland Metroparks - $25,000

Hiram House - $10,000

Ohio Sea Grant Stone Lab - $25,000  

Rescue Village - $15,000

University Hospitals Palliative Care - $35,000  

UH Radiology/Diagnostics Chair - $25,000

 University Settlement - $2,500

Urban Community School - $25,000