Welcome to The Andrews Foundation


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have changed our deadline for 2020 proposals from September 30, 2020 to December 31, 2020 & have increased the frequency of board meetings in order to more rapidly respond to incoming proposals. 


Please click on the orange 'Apply for a Grant' link above for more details. 




The Andrews Foundation's founder, Mrs. Mabel Shields Andrews, allowed for and encouraged, the Trustees to seek out a wide range of community 'investment' opportunities.


This flexibility allows the Board to regularly change areas of interest & grant-making concentration. 


In 2018, the Andrews Foundation focused on the Animal Welfare, Education, Enviornmental, Healthcare and Social Services sectors, with a focus on the Enviornment & Healthcare, as we think these issues deserve time, focus & investment

2019 Grants

Adoption Network Cleveland: $10,000; Bellefaire JCB: $20,000; Building Hope In The City: $5,000; Cleveland Owns: $4,000; Cunniff Dixon Foundation: $10,000; Family Promise of Greater Cleveland: $10,000; Fieldstone Farm: $7,500; Front Steps: $15,000; Hope Lodge: $10,000; Malachi House: $12,500: M.A.P.: $10,000: Near West Theater: $3,000: Neighborhood Pets: $5,000; NewBridge Center of Cleveland: $10,000; North Coast Community Homes; $10,000; North Union Farmers Market: $5,000; Playhouse Sqaure: $10,000; Refugee Response: $10,000; Rescue Village: $5,500; Senior Transportation Connection: $12,500; Stone Lab: $4,298; The Lantern: $10,000; Two Foundation: $15,000; University Hospitals: $25,000; Waterloo Arts: $15,000; WRHS: $10,000; Zygote Press: $15,000