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The Andrews Foundation launches new website

The fully-redesigned website offers a more comprehensive and digitized platform for the grant application process.

Beachwood, Ohio, June 9, 2021 The Andrews Foundation is pleased to share that its new website is live and fully functional. 

In honor of its seventy-year-anniversary, the Andrews Foundation made the decision to work collaboratively with Insivia, a global consultancy and marketing firm, to determine the best mechanism for collecting grant applications effectively through an upgraded digital form system.

Laura Baxter-Heuer, President of The Andrews Foundation explains, “By developing the new and improved website, our aim for streamlining and expediting the grants process became clear. Our digital platform represents a comprehensive effort to produce a solution that is both user friendly and greatly improves our ability to support the community in and around Northeast Ohio.”

The new website constitutes an important upgrade, in terms of design, ease of use and functionality. It also contains a section that includes answers to the most common questions of interest to grant applicants.

“In conjunction with honoring the great legacy of our founder, Mrs. Mabel Shields Andrews, this newly refreshed platform signifies our firm and unwavering commitment to serving non-profit organizations across a spectrum of sectors located in Northeast Ohio. We look forward to strengthening and empowering the lives of the great residents in Northeast Ohio,” affirms Mrs. Baxter-Heuer.

The invaluable website provides news and updates about the Andrews Foundation’s grants, initiatives and opportunities for public engagement in support of its mission of supporting the Northeast Ohio's community through grant-making and advancing and enriching the quality of life of its residents. 

About The Andrews Foundation

The Andrews Foundation, created by Mabel Shields Andrews in 1951, is a private family foundation, based in Northeast Ohio. The foresight of Mrs. Andrews, in allowing a range of flexibility in grant-making, has enabled the Andrews Foundation to thrive into the 21st Century as it celebrates its 70-year-anniversary.

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Michael Heuer, VP of Operations & Finance